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23 November 2005



Hi there! I am a new reader of your blog.

My claim to fame is that I "sort of" know Ms GV; in that I was "birthed" in the same church as she.

In fact, I spend every Tuesday morning with your mother-in-law ;-) Maybe you can work that one out!

Lovin' your work!!



Ms GadgetVicar will discover your identity via Granny GadgetVicar!


Seems to me that both microsoft and the Church have very similar problems, both work in areas where demand outstrips supply. Both promise more than they can deliver.
Where Microsoft has succeeded and the Church has failed is that Microsoft has managed to sustain demand for products and services which are generally acknowledged to be below standard.
This is perhaps 'cause they have a strange combination of consumer trust/dependance and monopoly of supply.
The Church situation is very different. The Church has lost the confidence of the public and they have voted with their feet. Centuries of reductionism, rationality and Church sponsored individualism have have created a situation where people have taken denomialisation to it's extreme and formed their own microdenomiations based on their own confessions of faith.
Microsoft strategy works because of it's aparant monopoly.
The Church lost that a long time ago, and is only slowly managing to reclaim authority.

David Muir

Hello there

One of my students told me about your blog and while the internal politics of the Anglican church is a bit outside my field of expertise, I felt I could comment on this post. :-) Firstly I would say to GadgetVicar Boy: wait for the new Playstation. The XBox will be very good and games players will argue incessantly about which is better Playstation or XBox. As far as I can see, both have features that could be argued as making one better than the other and in the end it will come down to personal prejudice. My prejudice goes against Microsoft. :-)

As to what the church can learn from Microsoft... A key tactic that Microsoft has used is to throw money at things until the competition is priced out (I think that's what they are doing with the XBox). Even if that seemed a good idea, it's not really an option for the church in Scotland at the moment (as you hint at in another post - "'Bertie', the SEC and a concern") Another tactic Microsoft uses is to embrace and adapt. For example, when it became clear that they couldn't seriously challenge the Internet, Microsoft said that they believed in the Internet to and that they would adopt all it's standards. It didn't take them long though to use the dominance of Internet Explorer to start trying to impose their own standards on everyone else leading to a real danger of having something that is neither fish nor fowl. Certainly the church could try that. Just tell everyone that it doesn't matter what they believe because we believe it too and then try to... Oh, maybe that's what we are already doing. :-)

Sorry for the long and silly comment. I hope GadgetVicar Boy gets his XBox in time for Christmas.

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