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08 November 2006



It take it that was a muse gig?

But your comment about worship, vibrancy and participation is an interesting one. I'm not sure if the way we participate in 'worship' is driven by fashion or cultural development, but whether gig or church, things have changed over the last 50 years. What is apparent to me is that a traditional form of 'service' will allow participation but not interaction.

We're in a smallish fellowship that around 4 years ago swapped a full band for just a guitar or sometimes keyboard in order to ease people into taking a more active part. With front-led stuff we found that many would either switch on cruise control or feel 'inadequate' to participate if it was too professional. It has been partially effective, with an increased sense of involvement and the worshippers adding input as well as singing. We don't feel we've got there yet (and there's some new worship styles due to appear soon) but it's another step on the way.


Thanks for that, Toni. It's hard to get people participating or interacting as the fellowship gets larger. We have an informal style generally, and that helps, but we still struggle. I suppose it's that sense of enthusiastic participation that one gets at a rock concert, where people seem to simply enjoy it to the maximum, that's somewhat lacking in church sometimes.


For me, from personal experiance, the more I see people enjoy and express there feelings towards God, makes me feel more comfortable in the fact I believe. I remember the first time I went to church with my friend dan, seeing everyone lively, and singing along made me feel a lot more comforatble and to be honest, I enjoyed and settled into the experience a lot more than if I went to a normal church service. And by the way Muse rock, your very lucky to get tickets :P

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