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09 December 2006


Mike Goss

No! No! No! No! The top of the ten things should be "Never pass on a chain e-mail again!" These things are viruses (without the damage to your hard-drive). They clog up the internet - do the math: 10 people each pass to 10 people = 10 squared. Within seven generations you've got ten million emails. 13 generations is more than the population of the planet. The trouble is, the email traffic on these chains is sufficient to start clogging up the web.
OK, so you're not emailing, just blogging, but I think the principle's the same...


Hello again, GadgetVicar - thanks for taking the time to do the thing. You are the only one (to date) to have responded to the challenge. Your previous respondent (Mike Goss) - Hello Mike - may need to revise his sums.

Mike - I tagged six people (I was meant to do ten but ran out of steam) and only one chose to respond. This means - and I have been up all night doing the math - that if this ratio is the norm then, well, as far as I can see, the exact figure of exponential emails that will clog up the internet by this time next week will be somewhere in the region of lots. Yes, lots. My scientific approach is precise, to be sure, but try not to feel too intimidated by it. I hope this clears matters up - I simply couldn't let your glaring inaccuracies pass without comment. No.

My friends don't call me Einstein for nothing, Mike. In fact, they don't call me Einstein at all.

Thanks again, Mr Gadget, for having the good manners to respond, and the good sense to avoid Take That.

Kind regards etc....


top of the list should be never forgetting a lunch date with a colleague :)

see you thursday in the craws

Graham Cuthbert

i like the new labour one!

Mike Goss

Good to see Jamie's response to my rant. In fact, on reflection I can see that this tag would not have my predicted worse-case scenario effect, as it requires a bit more work. But I have seen too many chain e-mails ("Microsoft have issued a new virus warning - please pass this on to everyone in your address book" - that *really* multiplies fast) to be completely comfortable with the invitation to pass it on...

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