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22 May 2007



While I haven't seen the Panorama report, I've found the kerfuffle very interesting as I knew little about Scientology up til now (except that which I learned in South Park!).

If you watch the DVD and saw the Panorama documentary, it would be interesting to read your views on the whole situation, David.

Fr. Simon

Same here. I lasted 5 mins on the DVD. Its claims to be presenting an alternative, open view are laughable when you see how seelctive it was in its rebuttal. Anyway, why should they think I care how this cult is portrayed in the media.


Very interesting that they sent you one out. I watched it last week online and it's a very smart, very clever documentary.


Fr Simon: Careful or you'll get declared SP!


I just watched the Scientology documentary. I think it's scary how two completely different insights into the same event can be made to seem convincing just by clever editing. After watching both the Panorama episode and the Scientology documentary I have been reminded that you can't accept everything you see on television unquestioningly. My gut feeling is still to go with John Sweeny's version of events, but is that just because of my own pre-conceived ideas about Scientology? or is it down to true discernment? I'm sure that John Sweeny wasn't altogether innocent and perhaps there were elements of truth in what the Scientologists were saying, but then it was clear from the Panorama episode that the Scientologists weren't exactly open and welcoming, and seemed to be extremely angry and defensive (but then if what they claim is true, maybe they had reason to be angry and defensive!)

In short, I'm extremely suspicious of scientology, but then I'm quite suspicious of reporters too, and you shouldn't believe everything you see on telly! Solution: do your own research!

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