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13 June 2007



it is counted as entries and not people mind you, but you can trawl through it and find who's there if you want to....


Ha ha!

I've been meaning to email y'all about this. You have unwittingly become a beta group for the Churchweblogs project!

You'd be surprised how hard it is to find churches who have already compiled lists of bloggers and nurtured a blogging community. In that regard, you *are* one of top blogging 'organisations'. (we're going to change that, btw).

Long story short, we saw how powerful it was to consistently read the blogs of our fellow churchmembers, and this project was born. Further, we hope it will be a way of reaching out to non-believers and non-active believers by showing what the church is: People.

In the meantime, if you have any input into the site, shoot us a line. And if you know of any other churches with active bloggers, please let us know....although that would be a significant increase in competition for the coveted top blogger spot. ;)


Still intrigued as to who put us all up there. It wasn't either of us.. so... someone call Hercules Poirot!

Either way, not a bad result for St Silas! Wha's like us? Not that I am being proud or anything...


Ah, mystery solved!


And to think, this doesn't even tap the whole St Silas subculture that is currently happening on Bebo! Add me (robanderson72) as your friend there, and you'll see what I mean!


Actually I think you are a top blogging church, an excellent example of community on the web ... infact I have recently said so on my blog!!

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